Data Entry

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Test Category A – Basic Utility Properties.       
Hydrogen (H), Carbonorganic (Corg), and Nitrogen (N), ash proportion, Electrical conductivity (EC), particle size distribution, and pH

Test Category B – Toxicant Assessment.           
Heavy and major metals and polychlorinated biphenyls, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and dioxins

Test Category C – Advanced Analysis and Soil Enhancement Properties.
Mineral N, ammonium and nitrate, Total Phosphorus & Potassium (P&K), Available P, Volatile Matter, Total Surface Area
Entries will be reviewed prior to web publishing by the database administrators. For each entry there are a few required fields of data (e.g., name, manufacturer feedstock). Entries without this required information will not be saved, however most biochar characteristics are optional as it is not expected that an exhaustive analysis of each biochar has been performed. Entries can be edited at a later date if further analyses are conducted.


  • leave zero values blank
  • no negative numbers
  • make sure the units of values input agree with what is requested

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